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I met Dr. Scott & his team at the Barton Creek Farmers Market of all places...I've seen several chiropractors in town all with excellent reputations but Dr. Scott ordered a full series of x-rays to be able to target the trouble areas. 4 weeks in and 3x a week visits, home target exercises I'm experiencing less pain & have shown huge progress in my range of motion. Dr. Scott & his practice don't preach to you about what you might be doing wrong but give you the opportunity & the tools to be able to better your life. The experience is so positive with every office visit & I love the look of euphoria I see with everyone of his patients & can relate as I look forward to each & every visit.

Very Caring and competent people

Dr. Scott is one of those doctors that immediately makes you feel comfortable and shares his passion for your health in a way that is easy to understand. His total lifestyle approach is so refreshing and results driven compared to just the "crack-o-practor" that I've used back in the day. He truly cares about helping you reach your health goal. In my opinion, you would be the limiting factor as Dr. Scott has all the resources and the plan in place. I fully trust his approach, knowledge and skills. If you're looking for a higher level of chiropractor you should definitely at least get a consult with him and you will understand all the rave reviews.

Got immediate relief from back, shoulder and neck pain in the first visit.

Scott and Morgan are the best!

You guys rock!


Dr. Ihrig has a genuine desire to heal in conjunction with overall health and well being. He is kind, caring, conscientious, and informative. Thank you!

Dr. Morgan and Dr. Scott are awesome!!