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Despues de mi accidente mi abogado me reccomndo venir a AlignLife para tratamientos. Yo no pensaba que me pudieran ayudar mis dolores pero, fijate que me siento mejor y no tengo que sufrir con mis dolores gracias al equipo de AlignLife!

NO WAIT TIME! Seriously, even when it's a full house. The staff is courteous and efficient. I appreciate the convenience of an in-house spinal decompression machine.

I am very pleased with the care provided at AlignLife. Dr Hamtaee and his staff are excellent at what they do and I have felt immediate results. Thank you all.

I was feeling almost 100 % better after the 6th visit. I am a mail carrier and I was having a lot of trouble holding the mail and casing now I can do it with no pain.I also found that I can turn my head farther around now which I had not realized I was not doing.I also bought a pillow that my husband took and I had to buy another one for me they are fantastic.Thank you so much Dr.Hamtaee and the wonderful staff you have.

I am very please with the overall experience I received from both the staff and Dr. Hamtaee. Having the opportunity to experience the Gonstead technique to get my body back into proper function, I was amazed. Today I can honestly say I am migraine free, and for anyone who has experience migraine you know how your life can be affected. I would like to also add that I did complete the Ultimate Body Cleanse and I must say it only added to get my body back into balance. My energy levels are better now. I do not feel run down throughout my day. I am able to focus and concentrate and for me being a student this is a must. There is so much more I can say when it comes to my care and the staff. Chiropractic care should be a important part in everyone's life.

Very pleased with the improvements in my son. Everyone's always so helpful.

Did Ultimate Body Cleanse - didn't really feel any different, but lost 7 pounds - good way to jump start a better diet and more serious weight loss..

Dr Hamtaee is awesome! Nuff said!

I love how knowledgeable and friendly they are, but most importantly, I love how I feel. I feel like Dr. Ali has adjusted my spine and worked out all the kinks faster than any Chiropractor that I've been to. I would recommend anyone to this Chiropractor.