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The staff and Chiropractors are professional, friendly and knowledgable. We have gone here for chiropractic care for a long time and wouldn't think about going elsewhere.

I'm committed. I would go to the chiropractor when I was really hurting and then would stop once I started feeling better. I've been seeing Dr. Mark for close to a year and can't believe how dumb I was to think getting a quick fix was the answer. I consistently feel so much better and I truly appreciate the encouragement he gives on diet and exercise. The staff are always friendly and joyful -- can't think of a better way to describe the whole atmosphere of the office. Like I said, I'm committed to a better lifestyle.

I have been seeing Dr. Mark for just over a year now. I was a skeptic at first, one of those, "if you start going, you never stop." So not true. I love going in for adjustments, and they have greatly decreased the amount of headaches I get. I used to get headaches daily. Now, I only get them a couple times a month (mostly stress/tension related). If anything is ever amiss when I'm not due for an appointment, they usually try to fit in me, as well. Everyone is very friendly and easy to work with. This was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've learned so much more than just relieving my headaches and getting adjusted. I'm considerably more mindful of what medicines/vitamins I take and what I eat/drink. It is truly a lifestyle change -- for the better!

I have been seeing Dr Mark and Dr Cheri for 13 years or so and my family longer than that. They have saved my life in more than one way. I have learned a lot about how and why my body works. AlignLife products and Chiropractic regular care have given me great aide in keeping me off medications and healthier. I am rarely sick anymore either. I cannot wait to see Dr Mark and his staff from visit to body tells me I need So glad we got you to open an office in Rochester! I continue to share about chipopractic care with friends and recommend always Dr. Mark and Dr. Cheri to them.

We have been seeing Dr.Cherie and Dr. Mark for years. They and office staff are wonderful. Also wonderful with children. Chiropractic helps us keep the aches and pains away and keeps us healthy. You can not go wrong with chiropractic and AlignLife Rochester or Winamac offices .